Fighting the Algorithms

Content syndication

Where to publish?

This is one of the most common issues for content marketers and it always leads to the same question for the client.

What do you want, exposure or long term SEO?

Well, here is the answer that the client always comes back with…Both! Now this can mean a red flag that the client is going to have unrealistic goals for your working relationship, the notorious Cake & Eat it client. So should you just drop them and focus on the ones that live in reality, i.e SEO is a long long game, or work against multiple algorithms to only deliver short term wins.

Cake & Eat it solution

Before we expose that, let’s just give you an example of what we mean about fighting the algorithms.

Each platform that your content comes in touch with has an algorithm, when is about just “free” exposure, such as a post on Facebook, a Tweet or an update on LinkedIn, both your engagement and your communities engagement are the key drivers behind the content being seen or not.

If you are using paid engagement such as PPC, Display or Social Media you are playing against a similar yet price sensitive algorithm, with casino style rules – The House Always Wins.

This leaves you with two options normally, play the long game or look for where your audience is and work those platforms. This plays out with clients on the most cases in the Self-hosted vs Medium-style hosting blogs.

Exposure vs. Perception

Yeah we will come to the main point in a minute but there is another issue to think about, yes my audience is there but what do they think of my company being present here?

Medium is the greatest example, it stormed onto the scene a few years back, everyone loved their content being there and were able to have their ideas exposed to a completely new set of eyes. Also, long-form opinion was back with a vengeance. “See how I overcame remote working”, “Learn from what I did”, bla bla bla. These gripping posts that talked about the scares from startup battles, the ones where legends are made were popping up like mushrooms after a rain. Fantastic content and many a lesson was learned from these pieces.

Then cam ICOs. Medium became a burner blog platform. What this means is it took zero effort to set up and once the ICO had gotten their funding, BOOM they were gone. Medium went from a cool platform to do I trust this company if this is where they host their content.

Another issue was that a company wanting to actually get found by Google was fighting two Algorithms both Google’s and now Medium to be found and still not giving the company and SEO credit.

The inside tip

Syndication is the key

Posting your content on as many platforms as possible to make sure the audience is as varied as can be. Now to keep the SEO power for your own website it is possible to do this in a number of ways, but here are the main ways.

First post the content on your website
Then it is time to syndicate the content on other platforms such as Medium, Steem, Reddit, Newsletters etc.

It sounds easy but each platform has their quirks or best way to help drive traffic.

Here is a great article about mastering Medium –

A quick tip – make sure you share the content as many times as possible, change the social media text when you do, take quotes etc. The more you test, the more you find out what is working for your audience and driving the right traffic to your site.

The Canonical Link

This is a key technical component of making sure Google knows where the content originated from.

Fighting the Algorithms

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