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Is it Press Release worthy

When to know PR is a huge topic for startups and the main one seems to be what is actually PR worthy. Every single milestone for a founder seems press worthy but journalists also need a WOW moment when they publish. Think about it as the two Grandfather principle (Grandmothers are proud of everything). Ask, […]

Fighting the Algorithms

Where to publish? This is one of the most common issues for content marketers and it always leads to the same question for the client. What do you want, exposure or long term SEO? Well, here is the answer that the client always comes back with…Both! Now this can mean a red flag that the […]

Mashapp – storytelling

Now this looks cool! A social media app with a focus on creating content with people around the world. Upload a photo and then someone can add a scene and make a longer video. The opening up of what they call Peer-to-peer storytelling to everyone around the world sounds fantastic. Looking froward to seeing some […]

Digital Copyright – Article 13

Many companies that have decided to just allow users to upload content without policing it will be facing a new challenge. Article 13 is the EU’s initiative to protect copyrights on the internet. It only took 30 years for the laws to catch up but this will be a nice earner for a number of […]

How to launch a new website – written with AI

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Is Facebook a viable channel for the future?

Is Facebook the right channel for you? Facebook has had a pretty bad run of late being blamed for Election tampering, fake ads for Brexit, as well as, allegedly giving major tech companies access to private massages. These are just a few of the scandles that have affected the internet giant, unfortunately the list goes […]

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