Is it Press Release worthy

PR tips; is it press worthy

When to know

PR is a huge topic for startups and the main one seems to be what is actually PR worthy.

Every single milestone for a founder seems press worthy but journalists also need a WOW moment when they publish.

Think about it as the two Grandfather principle (Grandmothers are proud of everything).

Ask, would my grandfather be proud? Then follow that up with would the Journalist’s grandfather be proud?

It is the second grandfather you will need to worry about. If the funding round is small, only for a local product, only for a niche product with no mass appeal. You will have a lot of work ahead of you to wow grandpa number 2.

Hedge your bets

We are not saying that you don’t find luck at certain moments with some press releases. This luck can generally be attributed to a slow news day, your niche is gaining attention, or you might know the right people. Your chances increase almost exponentially when you make the journalists’ lives easier.

Here are a few pointers on how to do just that

Press Release style

  • Headline – Make it interesting but factual
  • Start – City, Country (Make sure if you are sending this early that you let them know when this can go live)
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Remember: What, When, Who, Where and Why
  • Factual style, leave emotion at the door. If you are unsure, look at how Reuters reports news
  • Include quotes – This is the area for a little creativity
  • Include Contact details – Make sure they know who to contact for more info
  • End with three ###s – This is just a showing the journalist you know their language.

Press Release sending tips

  • Introduce yourself in the email quickly
  • Copy the entire release into the email
  • Add a copy in a Word document – don’t add it as a PDF
  • Add photos –  most journalist know that a photo makes the article stand out.

Don’t expect the first Press Release to be picked up but do use it as a chance to build a longer term relationship with the right journalists.

Find them on Twitter and continue to build the relationship until you have the next 2 grandfather question.

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Is it Press Release worthy

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