Is Facebook a viable channel for the future?

Is Facebook a viable channel

Is Facebook the right channel for you?

Facebook has had a pretty bad run of late being blamed for Election tampering, fake ads for Brexit, as well as, allegedly giving major tech companies access to private massages. These are just a few of the scandles that have affected the internet giant, unfortunately the list goes on and on.

The beginning

We all know how it started. At least the story goes it was a new version of Hot or Not, a crappy website that was just a subjective rating system of if a person was hot ot not. This later evolved into a new way to keep all your friends up to date with what you were up to, a visual open email that couls always be seen by all.

The next phase was the rapid comercialization of the platform, companies being allowed to have profiles and then full on advertizing and algorithims showing you what you wanted to see. This is where it was it was time to admit that it was no longer a social media platform but a marketing tool that was printing money which needed to be policed.

Hiding behind the Social Media Moniker

By sitting and watching the stock price increase and the pushing the user numbers, lanching in new markets by the minute, the Facebook team neglected an opportunity to see what was coming or even worse see it and ignore it.

This was a moment to take responsibility for what was going on on the platform and potentially police it a little better, not to hide behind Freedom of Speech.

When did it all change

Allowing Click Farms (this article is from 2013, this is how long the problem has been going on for), allowed companies to ruin the organic reach of their posts. This made Facebook move from a marketing platform to an advertizing platfrom at a rapid rate.

This is a comparable move to what Google allowed bad SEO “experts” to do when they ran link building campaigns. Here is how that looked:

  • Don’t penalize bad links
  • Reward only good links
  • Put too much emphasis on backlinks altogether

This lead to the so called “experts” linking every single website they could find to a page to boost its relevance. After Google realized their mistake, they turned it into a huge money making opportunity.

First they penalized all the bad links and dropped the pages that had violated its freshly inked rules. Secondly, they made the companies themselves clean up the mess (Yandex decided to drop backlinks from their search algorthim). Thirdly, they pushed Google AdWords as a way to be seen at the top of the search creating a huge amount of money.

Facebook has done exactly the same!

Tip: Have a look at what is starting to happen with LinkedIn, people are collecting way too many contacts, and they have created a new ranking system called a Social Selling Index, which is the first wave of LinkedIn moving away from being a Social Media platform.

From a marketing, PR and Branding point of view

With the amount of scandels, there are number of things that a company will now have to ask themselves when they are using Facebook to gain more exposure.

  • As the issues are out in the open, is it a branding problem if we remain silent?
  • Is a builder of website traffic or a vampire?
  • Is a Company Page GDPR compliant?
  • How liable are you to their scandals?

This is all on top of the regular questions you need to ask about cost per lead etc.


This is an opinion piece and a living blog that will be continuously updated to make sure that it represents what is currently happening with Facebook.



Is Facebook a viable channel for the future?
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