Email marketing always wins

Email Marketing wins all the time

Email vs.

Over the years, other pretenders to the lead generation throne have raised their heads but it is still email marketing that is still the undeniable champion.

This is a big statement after 2018 as GDPR had its sights set directly at email marketing, at least the bad players in it. Actually, most of our clients used the GDPR regulations to revisit their entire lists, further segment the list and create better campaigns.

Here are some statistics about email marketing that might have you realize that it is a huge channel

email marketing statistics

Statistics from Leighton Interactive

No one reads an email

This is one of the statements we hear time and again. It could not be more false, on the contrary, a lot of people have more time then they care to admit at work and open rates for good email campaigns and newsletters is remarkably high.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that this is another easy area to master. There are a number of different types of email marketing

  • Newsletter
  • Awareness drip campaigns
  • Onboarding campaigns

But it is down to the list segmentation and personalization that makes or breaks email marketing, saying that, even when not done so well, it is known to out perform many other channels.

Don’t over look email marketing, just because it is not the new shiny marketing toy, just understand, like all other channels, it requires a lot of effort to stand out.

Test, Document, Refine, and Repeat.


Email marketing always wins
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