What is a CMO for hire?

Chief Marketing Officer

Most startups, especially ones that are founded by more technically minded people, often leave marketing to a much later stage than they should.

Obviously, every single department feels that they are the one that can make or break a startup or any company for that matter. This is true.

What makes marketing a little different is that, when done well, it penetrates every single department improving not only the outward perception of the company but also internally as well.

As stated, most companies/startups overlook the need for marketing or at the best feel that anyone can post on Social Media so that it can be done by a junior or intern.

Here are just a few things that a CMO for hire can help a company achieve

Product Market Fit

Through using many different methods it is possible to support the technical team, turning a great idea into a great product. Using social media, email marketing, etc building the user/customer base from friends and family into a viable group of early adopters and beyond is made easier through marketing lead activities.

Marketing Audit

Assesing where the best places to get exposure or the untapped pockets to explode user growth. Seeing what has been done and how to help tweek it to make it more efficient. Also, integrating marketing and other department/stake-holders


Again, budgeting is a skillset that gets better the more you do it. Knowing where to spend the marketing budget and getting the best ROI is a huge task that when done badly will bring nothing but added costs.

Knowledge share

This goes beyond just marketing knowledge, it includes using connections and exploiting the freelance connections built up over years to deliver the best possible results quickly and within budget.

Cross-department marketing activation

This sounds like the mother of all buzzwords, but when broken down it is about working with all departments to make them aware that marketing is a task that involves the entire company. If your company posts something on Social Media and no one at your company shares it, that looks like an unhappy company.

Department creation

Hiring a marketing talent is hard as marketers are good at marketing, this includes themselves. This is something that a CMO for hire can support and through building up the department and sharing their knowledge, it is possible to take a massive leap forward in marketing output.

These are just a few of the things that a CMO for hire can help offer a company.

What is a CMO for hire?
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